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Established on April 1st, 2013, Orbit Global Logistics has emerged as a frontrunner in delivering comprehensive supply chain and logistics solutions. Our expertise spans different industries, such as fast-moving consumer goods, chemical, food, medicine, industrial, and electronic products, catering to both national and international transportation and clearance needs.

At Orbit Global Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing door-to-door services per the customer’s requirements. Our dedication to quality extends beyond the typical bounds of service delivery. It is based on a concept emphasizing providing unmatched customer care experiences above anything else.

Our persistent commitment to comprehending and meeting each client’s unique demands is essential to our success. We can continuously surpass expectations and improve the whole customer experience by prioritizing customer satisfaction and cultivating an excellence culture.

Driven by the ethos of “Delivering the Best Customer Service,” our company culture permeates every aspect of operations, ensuring that every interaction with clients is full of professionalism, reliability, and efficiency.

Company History

Orbit Global Logistics aims at providing and supplying all the logistics services that may be necessary for national and/or international cargo transportation/clearance. We are fully familiar with national. International trade and even its most recent developments, which allows our optimizing export and import activities for all kinds of goods. In many ways, Orbit Global Logistics has gained Success in business due to our philosophy and not simply the core services that we provide. This philosophy is centered on offering the highest level of customer care experience and focusing on the requirements of clients as individuals. Through company-wide recognition of “Delivering the best Customer Service”, our company culture has benefited our customers.


“We believe that an organization’s success is largely determined by the ability of its leaders to clearly define its goals and objectives, and then develop and execute plans to achieve them. Our success can be attributed to our focus on establishing clear and constant communications with our customers’ leadership and then providing cost effective solutions to the issues that they face.”

Our Mission

We propose to provide the best National and International services in forwarding, shipping, and transportation to our client’s satisfaction. We serve our customers the best we can with world-class quality, consistency, reliability, and breadth of reach through our strategic alliances worldwide.

Our Vision

We aim to be a renowned company at both the national and the international level in recognition of our providing global logistics solutions. Implementation of Full Quality Management continued improvement and a work philosophy to which everyone in our organization is committed.

Our Approach

Aiming for higher quality, Orbit Global Logistics is a Pakistan based International freight forwarder committed to freight management and the provision of worldwide total supply chain solutions. We work hard to offer higher-quality forwarding solutions through our worldwide network while adhering to our customers’ local requirements.

Company Values

Our CoreValues

Orbit Global Logistics places a high value on customer satisfaction, conducts business with integrity and transparency, and pursues excellence via responsibility, innovation, and cooperation.

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With a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and innovation, OGL stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

Why Choose Us

Trusted By ThousandsOf Happy Customers

At Orbit Global Logistics, we are honored to be trusted by thousands of happy customers. Our dedication to quality, dependability, and client satisfaction distinguishes us in logistics.

Real Time Tracking

We provide real-time tracking options that let you keep an eye on the whereabouts and condition of your cargo.

24/7 Online Support

Our committed team of experts is on call around the clock to help and respond to any questions or issues you may have